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Welcome to Yateemkhana Anjumankhadimulislam

Inspired by the teachings of the Holy Quran and Hadith the formation of Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam Educational Society came into being in 1910 by the God fearing, philanthropist and well-wishers of Yateem(orphan).

Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam a unique centre for giving shelter, food and education to the orphans and children of weaker section of the society was established by then God fearing, well-wishers of orphans and philanthropists of Patna City of State of Bihar in the year 1910 at Patna City.

The century old institution of Azimabad which enjoys the personal and cordial attachment of your forefathers. The existing of such an organization for over ten decades is itself a miracle and the blessing of the donors and the founders.

The main cause for striding this organization on the path of progress is its special curriculum. The main feature which distinguishes the character of this Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam Educational Society is its emphasis on contemporary curriculum besides the religious education which forms the basis of this institution. In pursuance of the modern need job oriented courses are also added in the curriculum wherein 450 boys & girls in different section are getting free education apart from boarders numbering.They are totally under our care with free clothes, foods, health facilities. Besides this literacy center and medical camp are managed by the institution. These financial liabilities are met with Zakat, Sadquat, etc from the well wishers of orphans.

The basic idea behind its formation was to bring the orphans, economically marginalized boys and girls of the “Ummah” in the fold of mainstream of the society so that they may not be deprived of their right to education and become good citizen of the country and become economically self supported and do not become a burden on the society or their own family by having education in a disciplined atmosphere with religious background.

Though this institution was established in 1910 in a small rental house at Chaughra, Mughalpura, patna City. Later in the year 1933 a piece of land consisting an area of 11 Katha was procured at Kashmiri Kothi by the institution in the name of Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam Educational Society.

Later it was felt by the then visionary members of the institution to give the Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam Educational Society a legal status and for this a committee of high profile people consisting of Lawyers, Educationists, Bureaucrats and Social Workers was formed to prepare the Bye-Laws of the institution for its smooth running and to get it registered under the Society Registration Act- XXL of 1860 in the year 1938 by the Asst. registrar of Joint Stock Companies bearing No. 9/38 in the name of Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam as educational Society. And since then it has been running and managed under its registered Bye Laws.


The intellectuals and visionary people of that time wanted to have the destitude members of the society to give them exposure in the career formation. It was their vision that this institution treasures its students and endeavors to provide them the best educational opportunities and exposures that would hone them their skills and shape them into world class professionals. For materializing their visionary dream they proposed to establish vocational training centers along with contemporary education in the time to come. They stressed that it would be the utmost responsibility of the committee of the Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam to provide easy access to the best education possible. And also strive to bring their hidden strength and latent qualities and make them aware to identify their weakness.


Our mission is to shelter, feed, cloths, and provide health care, sports activities and to educate orphans in particular and others in a general in a loving and nurturing environment enabling them to reach their full potential like other youths.

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