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Welcome to Yateemkhana Anjumankhadimulislam

Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam a unique centre for giving shelter, food and education to the orphans and children of weaker section of the society was established by then God fearing, well-wishers of orphans and philanthropists of Patna City of State of Bihar in the year 1910 at Patna City.

The century old institution of Azimabad which enjoys the personal and cordial attachment of your forefathers. The existing of such an organization for over ten decades is itself a miracle and the blessing of the donors and the founders.

Tender Notice

Help the Save Their Life

And You Will Save Yours


Majlis-e-Aamma (Council)

For the smooth and effective functioning of the Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam Educational Society a council has been framed in accordance with the by-laws of the Society consisting of 50 (fifty) members which is called “Majlis-e-Aamma” for the administration, management and control of the entire organization, wings and other relevant activities. Every year an Annual General Meeting is held to review the progress, approve the annual budget,

Majlis-e-Aamla (Working Body)

The Majlis-e-Aamla constitutes the Working Body consisting of 11(eleven) members including President (Finance), Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary as office bearers. It looks after the day to day working of the Anjuman and implements the decision of Majlis-e-Aamla. Every month a meeting of this Body is held to review the Anjuman activities.


Khadimul Islam High School:

It was further felt by the members of the Anjuman that the Half Time Industrial Middle School is not coping with the growing need of the modern time with ever increasing population of the locality and the importance of higher education it was decided by the Apex Body to upgrade this school and technical education too. Therefore this school was upgraded up to secondary level and permission for establishment is granted by the Bihar School Examination Board, Patna.

Servicing Humanity

Our Services

Nazra Wing (Recitation of Holy Quran)

Hifz Wing (Memorization of Holy Quran)

Half- time Industrial Middle School:

Khadimul Islam High School

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